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  • The Foundation for Positive Changes

The Foundation for Positive Changes

                 Step by step to a world free from violence
                 We monitor / we educate / we assist


The Foundation for Positive Change is an anti-violence and watchdog organisation founded in 2012 in Bielsko-Biała by Anna Chęć and Alina Kula.
The aim of the Foundation is to develop a civil society that is free from violence and is based upon equality between men and women.  The most important values for the Foundation are equality, diversity and respect.  If you value them too, join our activities and support us.


Our main spheres of activity revolve around monitoring court cases relating to article 207 (domestic violence) and supporting women who experience such violence.

If you are able to support our efforts financially, please send your donation to the following account:
mBank 67 1140 2017 0000 4802 1290 0150

Fundacja Pozytywnych Zmian
ul. Cicha 7/1, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała

The three main areas of the Foundation’s activities are:

Anti-violence education – we believe that violence should be counteracted before it occurs.
We unceasingly support women and teenage girls in their personal development by enhancing their self-esteem.  We use various methods to accomplish this, such as music education (we organise music camps for young women – the Beskidy Karioka Girls’ Rock Camp).  Together with our experts we recommend and suggest ideas for positive change to protect the rights of women who experience violence.

Combating violence – we provide immediate assistance for women and teenage girls who experience violence, as well as support for them.  We also raise social awareness in relation to the problem of violence.  We offer both psychological and legal assistance to women who
experience violence, especially to those who cannot find help elsewhere.

Public scrutiny – we examine the activities of institutions serving the public.  We monitor the workings of district offices, courts and other bodies that ought to provide help to women who experience violence.  Through access to public information and watchdog activities we
support our society whose institutions ought to serve its citizens.

We believe that positive change is possible at every level of social development.  We know that, step by step, sizable changes can be achieved.  We want to work with every person and organisation whose aim it is to free the world from violence.

The Foundation for Positive Changes is a member of the No Hate Speech Movement, The Coalition for Anti-discrimination Education and of the international network of  Girls Rock Camp Alliance.

We operate in order to make our society free from violence (based on gender equality) and to make people aware of their rights.  Equality, Diversity, Respect – these are the values that are most important to us.


Providing free legal advice for the victims of domestic violence.

Monitoring public authorities in relation to their support for women who experience violence.

Monitoring court cases relating to article 207 – domestic violence.

Creating „MAPA – REAGUJEMY przeciwko przemocy” (“MAP –  reacting against violence”.  This is an online map of the Śląsk region where information can be found about help for women who experience violence:

Organising rock camps for young and older women.

Organising One Billion Rising in Bielsko-Biała.

One-off events such as “Dzień kobiet – czy mamy co świętować?” (”Women's Day – do we have anything to celebrate?")

Co-organising of the Polish nationwide "16 Dni Akcji Przeciwko Przemocy ze względu na Płeć” (“16 Days of Action against Gender-based Violence”).

Organising WenDo workshops - assertive self-defence techniques for women.

Co-working with men against violence -„ART 207 – Artystyczna Grupa Antyprzemocowa” (ART 207 – Anti-violence Artistic Group) which produces theatrical and one-off performances.


Anna Chęć – co-founder and member of the management of the Foundation for Positive Change.  WenDo trainer –  graduate of the WenDo Training Academy, Empowering Against Gender-based Violence.  Member of the European management team of the international
Girls Rock Camp Alliance.  Co-founder of groups and organiser of rock camps for teenage girls (The Karioka Girls’ Rock Camp) and adult women (the Positive Change Women’s Rock Camp) in Poland.  Cultural Studies graduate, educationalist, Family Violence Protection Study
graduate.  Activist, youth leader and instructor who has worked in informal education for many years. Anna Chęć works on projects relating to social activity, women’s rights and combating violence.  She is also actively involved in helping homeless animals.  She makes full use of the right to access public information; she is a member of the Citizens’ Network Watchdog Poland.

Alina Kula – co-founder and member of the management of the Foundation for Positive Change and rock camps: the Karioka Girls’ Rock Camp and the Positive Change Women's Rock Camp. A trainer of WenDo – a technique of assertiveness and self-defence for women.
Feminist, activist in non-governmental organisations and informal groups. Much involved in projects relating to combating violence against women. Graduate of the Family Violence Protection Study and the “On Guard!” course for watchdog organisations. She spends her
free time playing the guitar and walking in the beautiful regions around Bielsko-Biała.

Marzena Kocurek – Foundation's press secretary, public relations officer and fundraiser.
A Film Studies graduate, she often interweaves film motifs into her writing workshops for the young.  A chairwoman and co-founder of  the Montaż Association which has been organising Watch Docs – the Human Rights in Film festival in Bielsko Biała for the last seven years. She spends her free time at music and film festivals.